44/20 SAND

Product available in 25kg or metric tonne bulk bags.

Multi purpose silica sand with light brown colouration. Slightly coarser than J61W it is used extensively for textured coatings, and as a fine grade abrasive sand.

Typical Chemical Analysis:    

Silica                             70.80%
Aluminium Oxide        14.80%    
Ferric Oxide                    1.10%    
Calcium Oxide                5.50%    
Magnesium Oxide         0.40%          
Sodium Oxide                4.50%          
Potasium Oxide             0.60%          
Moisture                         0.01%          
Loss on Ignition             0.24%

Typical Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (g/mL)     2.57
Tapped bulk density         1.45
AFS clay content            0.20%
AFS fineness No.               50-55