Product available in metric tonne bulk bags or 20kg bags (by arrangement). 

High quality, clean black iron sand. This sand is used extensively for glass manufacture, fine abrasive media, and for textured surface coatings. A very fine dense sand, with a consistent particle sizing between – 75 to 150 microns. This sand has very high Ferric Oxide content at approximately 80%. 

Typical Chemical Analysis:
Silica                                    3.1%
Aluminium Oxide               3.9%
Ferric Oxide                      79.5%          
Calcium Oxide                    1.1%          
Magnesium Oxide             3.3%                      
Moisture                           0.15%          
Loss on Ignition                 6.3%

Typical Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (g/mL)      4.54
Tapped bulk density           2.81