Product available in 20kg or metric tonne bulk bags.

neNear white, high purity silica sand widely used for foundry casting and mould making. Firmly established as the best sand in New Zealand for this purpose. Other applications include, specialised flooring, resin and grout fillers, glass making. 

Typical Chemical Analysis:
Silica                              99.32%
Aluminium Oxide           0.16%    
Ferric Oxide                    0.07%
Calcium Oxide                0.10%    
Sodium Oxide                0.02%          
Potasium Oxide             0.10%          
Moisture                         0.10%          
Loss on Ignition             0.20%

Typical Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (g/mL)     2.56
Tapped bulk density         1.55
AFS clay content              0.3%
AFS fineness No.               60-65