Product available in 20kg or metric tonne bulk bags.

Multi purpose silica sand with light brown colouration. Slightly coarser than J61W it is used extensively for textured coatings, and as a fine grade abrasive sand.

Typical Chemical Analysis:    

Silica                             70.80%
Aluminium Oxide        14.80%    
Ferric Oxide                    1.10%    
Calcium Oxide                5.50%    
Magnesium Oxide         0.40%          
Sodium Oxide                4.50%          
Potasium Oxide             0.60%          
Moisture                         0.01%          
Loss on Ignition             0.24%

Typical Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (g/mL)     2.57
Tapped bulk density         1.45
AFS clay content            0.20%
AFS fineness No.               50-55